Effective Representation From California Business
No matter whether you are starting, buying, selling or investing in a business, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed to ensure that your interests are fully protected. Business law issues can be extremely complex, and it is important that you have an experienced business law attorney working on your behalf.
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Zhao Law Firm Small Business Center provides information and resources for small business owners, and help for entrepreneurs seeking to get a business idea off the ground. Here you can get information on choosing and forming the right legal structure for your business, legal tips on day-to-day business operations, an overview of employment law issues, and much more..
Business Forms and Contracts
Business Operations
Business Laws and Regulations
Immigration Law for Employers

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Workers' Compensation for Employers
Business Bankruptcy and Debt
Closing a Business
Hiring a Business Law Attorney

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Business formation
Business representation
Probate and trust law
Starting a Business

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Incorporation and Legal Structures
Employment Law and Human Resources
Intellectual Property
Business Finances and Taxes

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